On-site Temperature Measurement

Sometimes it is more expedient to have an expert quickly resolve temperature measurement problems, especially when the impact on production or research is severe. FAR Associates can come to your site with all the appropriate equipment, make the measurements, analyze the data, and recommend solutions to the problems you are facing. FAR began as a consultancy doing just this work with an early version of the SpectroPyrometer. It was this work which gave us broad exposure to many different applications that allowed us to develop our instrument to its present state of refinement. We probably have a more extensive exposure to in-situ temperature measurement problems than any other company. We also understand urgency. If your problem is urgent, so is our response.

Equipment Rental

Equipment rental is indicated in those cases where the user is unsure of the magnitude of the problem or doubts the ability of the SpectroPyrometer to resolve it, or there are just too many target materials to resolve all issues in a short site visit. Any standard instrument or accessory may be rented. Minimum rental period is two months, and rental fees will be applied to the purchase price should you decide to purchase the instrument.

Emissivity Measurement

The emissivity of a particular sample is interesting in many scientific and production applications. FAR has assembled a high-temperature controlled-atmosphere emissivity measurement apparatus. Data provided is the spectral emissivity of the target material at temperatures between 400 and 1500°C over the spectral ranges from 500 to 1000 nanometers, or 1000 to 1700 nanometers. The emissivity measuring apparatus is shown below.

Emissivity measurement apparatus

Controlled-atmosphere furnace (background) with SpectroPyrometer for emissivity determination of samples up to 2 inches in diameter.


Pyrometer calibration from 100 – 3000°C is available. Instruments should be provided with the manufacturer’s operating instructions. A Certificate of Calibration is provided for each unit calibrated, documenting traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and actual response observed. Normal turn-around is from one to three weeks. One-day service can be arranged.