All of FAR’s pyrometers are expert-system multi-wavelength instruments. For each and every measurement they examine several hundred distinct pieces of data, any two of which are sufficient to calculate a temperature. All data are analyzed in concert so that decisions on how to proceed use all the information available. Consequently, interference is discarded, noise is suppressed, and emissivity changes are detected and corrected. After the data have been processed, the result is tested for quality and the measure of quality, the tolerance, is displayed. These are the first pyrometers to give the user this crucial information. These instruments replace guesswork with data.


FMP  series SpectroPyrometer in harsh service enclosure

FMP series SpectroPyrometer in harsh service enclosure


Lens assemblies: fixed-focus achromatic lens assemblies with standard focal lengths from 10 inches (250 mm) to 20 feet (6 meters); longer focal lengths are available
Fiberoptic cables: any length available, starting at 5 meters (16 feet)
Light pipes: sapphire light pipes up to 45 cm in length for use in environments up to 1900°C


Analog outputs: optically-isolated to 5000 VRMS analog outputs of either 0 – 20 or 4 – 20 milliamps, or 0 – 10 VDC
Fiberoptic illuminators: incoherent white light, green laser diode (576 nm), or helium-neon laser (632.8 nm) for aiming SpectroPyrometer
Aiming lens holder: attaches lens assembly to sight tube or vacuum port; units are purged, adjustable on 3 axes, with replaceable quartz window and thermal break to protect lens assembly
Investment Casting air melt package: sight tube assembly to provide automatic process control of temperature in smoky air-melt environments; armored assembly mimics thermocouple use with longer duty cycle to provide essentially constant temperature measurement whenever operator does not require access to melt
Environmental enclosure: Cooled NEMA 4 or NEMA 12 enclosure for deploying SpectroPyrometer in hot, dirty environments
Data analysis: spread sheet template for generation of absorption/emission and emissivity charts
Calibration software: instructions and templates for calibration of any SpectroPyrometer
Custom peripherals: FAR has provided many unique items to adapt our modular approach to temperature measurement to many challenging applications. We would be happy to do so for your application.